6-Minute Yoga Flow For Better Abs

Here’s the 6-minute ab workout you’ve been waiting for! Use a yoga mat or soft surface to perform each of these moves, holding each of the poses for 30 seconds each. The entire flow will take three minutes; go through it twice for a 6-minute ab routine that will having you feeling the burn the next day!

High Plank

1) Begin on your hands and knees. Pull your abdominals in and step your feet back behind you until your legs are straight.

2) Keep hands directly under shoulders and your eyes at the front of your mat, keeping your neck aligned.

3) Hold your abs and legs tight and make sure your back stays long. Avoid sagging in the low back.

4) If you struggle to hold the position, lower knees to mat while keeping everything else the same.

Hold for 30 seconds.

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