Today we talk about my least favorite topic, because I don’t like to exercise.

But it’s also one of my favorite topics because I’ve found a way to do the least amount, for maximum fat burning.

Because I’m too lazy to exercise, I ended up being frustrated about it, and I wasn’t making any progress.

Between my wife and I, we’ve got VHS tapes from Billy Blanks and Cindy Crawford to DVDs like Windsor Pilates and Stott Pilates.

They’re all good, especially for non-hard core exercisers like me.

My breakthrough came, when I started to learn …

WHAT the heck does exercise actually do to my body, and how does it work to burn fat!?

So I did some homework at the library, and found out that there are two kinds of exercises:

  1. Aerobic, or cardio (because it which increases your heart rate) forces you to breathe more intensely to take in more oxygen.
  2. Anaerobic, or strength training, builds up your muscle mass and strengthens your bones.


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