10 Easy Ways to Get Shiny Hair

Shiny hair is the ultimate head-turner. No one can resist a gorgeous, glossy mane that sparkles like a diamond in the sunlight. Unfortunately, hair suffers consequences from repeated washing, styling with heated tools, sun exposure, and climate damage. Before you know it, those precious locks go from glowing to dull and faded. You can take control of your hair’s luster. Super-smooth strands mean softer hair cuticles, and softer hair cuticles reflect more light and give off that megashine effect.

We’ve gathered a list of shine-inducing treatments that are natural, gentle, and oh-so effective. They’ll reverse damage and strengthen your hair while smoothing cuticles and cranking up the gloss factor. Note, however, that some treatments don’t smell as great as your regular hair products. To neutralize the scent, use a light conditioning or serum spray (not cream) after each treatment.

1. Coconut Oil

Dryness causes hair to lose its luster and become dull and shine-deprived. Coconut oil makes an incredible, natural moisturizer that’ll rejuvenate your locks and crank up the shine. For best results, use unrefined coconut oil to lock in moisture and provide optimal nourishment. To apply, simply warm the oil in your hands and start at the ends, gradually working your way to the tips.

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