37 Tips for the Best Way to Lose Weight for Women Over 40

This is a list you don’t want to miss. Many of you have asked for tips for the best way to lose weight. It took years for all of these to fall into place, but these are my habits and tidbits of what I have learned in the past few years.

It took a long time for me to realize just how much weight loss and fitness have to be part of my life long term to really see the full benefits. The beauty of this list is that you don’t have to commit to everything at once. In fact, cutting out too many bad foods and changing so many things at once will likely be too difficult to sustain. Our bodies become addicted to certain foods, such as sugar and you will go through a withdrawal when you begin to cut your favorites out.

The good news is…

All of these tips create a domino effect as you implement more and more of them into your daily life. One thing will lead to another. You will be so proud that you have worked out for 2 weeks, you will begin to naturally turn away from the junk food that destroys those efforts.

I am so excited for you to start your journey of weight loss and fitness! I can’t wait to hear the stories of how much better you feel after a few weeks of better habits.

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