The Diabetes Cure Your Doctor ISN’T Telling You

Haven’t you ever felt like your doctor isn’t telling you something on purpose? Well, if so, rest assured that you are not the only one. He’d tell you to reduce the sugar and to take more walks, but you kind of feel like there are more ways to handle your diabetes. And, you’re right. Below you will find three tips that would help you manage your diabetes problems, and you won’t get them from your doctor.

Eat More Fat

That’s right – eat more fat. Contrary to what most people tend to believe, fat is actually really helpful because it allows your body to absorb more insulin. This is crucial because it would allow your system to properly manage the blood sugar levels and, therefore, your diabetes. Not all kinds of fat are good, though – you have to look for unsaturated omega-3 fat. You can find it in fish, enriched eggs, beef that’s been grass-fed and other foods.

Exercise More

There are weight loss shortcuts that would allow you to manage your diabetes: you have to train. Your doctor would tell you to increase the cardio, but really, you have to get your entire body moving. You can do so by focusing on strength building exercises. Doing some pushups, some squats and other exercises you can do at home would quickly show results, and you’d easily control the blood sugar counts. You will also feel more energetic.

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