Trimming the Fat From Weight Loss Strategies

There are so many tips and strategies about how to lose weight these days it is easy to get confused. You will end up trying out a few things which won’t work and quickly lose interest. Here are a few weight loss strategies which really do work. They’ve been tried, tested and proven not just by “experts” but by ordinary people who have successfully not only managed to lose those excess pounds, but also to keep them off.

Smaller Plates

Losing weight (and keeping it off) is really not about weighing food and counting calories. It’s about developing a built in portion control setting. Use smaller plates to help with natural portion control. A smaller plate which is heaped with food helps to make the brain feel fuller much faster.

Fruit For Snacking

Keep a fruit stash at work. Many people get the munchies during the day, particularly while they are at work. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep a stash of fruit handy for when those nibbles strike, especially during the mid afternoon when the chocolate cravings are highly likely to make an appearance.

Brush After Meals

Cleaning the teeth immediately after a meal (particularly in the evenings) makes it less likely for the person to reach for anything else to eat. It’s kind of saying that’s it for the day.

Photograph Yourself

Take a selfie before embarking upon a weight loss journey – the world has gone selfie mad these days, but this is one instance when it really can help. Taking a photograph before getting started can help to give added motivation whenever tempted to reach for the cookies. Just taking a look at the picture (particularly if it’s an underwear shot) should be enough to help a person to stay on the right track.

Watch The Drinks

Many people don’t take into account the number of liquid calories which are hiding in the most obvious places. Cutting out these calorie containing liquids can help to make a big difference such as soda, juice, and that double latte on the way to work (even the skinny ones). Of course, alcohol should also be avoided at all costs. Try to stick to water and plenty of it. Drinking water before a meal can also help a person to feel fuller faster and reduce the amount of food intake.


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