7 Exercises That Rock Your Core

For some women, the hardest area to tone is the core. After a few weeks of strength training, you see definition in your biceps and triceps, or firmer-looking legs, but at times you feel like no matter how hard you work your belly, it just doesn’t look much different.All you really need is to find a few exercises that really work your abdominal muscles and you’ll start seeing results! Here are seven exercises that will help

1. Reverse Crunch: Getting bored of doing normal crunches in hopes of scoring amazing abs? Try reverse crunches to switch up your routine.

2. Forearm Plank: This move keeps your core engaged to earn your abs. Posture is important when doing a plank, so

Modification (advanced): To really challenge yourself, position your elbows even further ahead so that there is more distance between your elbows and toes.

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