10 Yoga Poses for Weight Loss and Faster Metabolism

Many people are turning to yoga for a way to get fit or lose weight. And that’s ok. Over time you might realize though, that there is so much more to yoga than building strength and flexibility. And, of course, losing weight by turning fat into muscle.

As opposed to a visit to the gym, yoga has so many additional benefits for your mind and soul. So I cannot imagine a better and more holistic way of losing weight than through a regular yoga practice. At home, or in a studio. Yoga is available to anyone, anywhere.

10 Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

Enjoy these 10 yoga poses for weight loss. Try to move mindfully through your practice, focusing on your breath, and cultivating awareness of the present moment, to calm your mind.

1. Chaturanga

At first sight, Chaturanga seems to be a workout for arms and shoulders. But to keep the body in one straight line while lowering down, we also engage our legs, our glutes, and the core.

So it’s actually a full body workout if done correctly. You can bend and straighten your arms a few times, practicing the alignment of each body part.

2. Triangle – Floating Arms

For extra engagement in core and legs in Triangle Pose, extend both arms alongside your ears, framing your head. Your abdominals, and especially your oblique muscles, have to work extra hard here to keep your chest open.

Press all four corners of your feet into the mat for a strong foundation. Being thoroughly grounded through our legs allows us to stay light and flexible in our upper body.

For experienced yogis – try lifting your pelvic floor in this position for extra lightness.

3. Standing Splits

Standing Split is the pose you want to turn to get closer to what people call a yoga butt, as we’re toning glutes and legs here. The standing leg has to work to keep us stable.

Try a dynamic version of Standing Splits by lowering and lifting your back leg a few times. Repeat on the other side.

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