How To Do 12 Poses Of Sun Salutation Or Surya Namaskar Step-By-Step

I still remember my school days when we students assemble in neatly aligned rows and columns in the big ground on our yoga mats every morning before our regular classes start. Our Yoga teacher will lead us and we all follow him doing the 12 sets of Sun Salutation, also called Surya Namaskar/Surya Namaskara, every day.

Yes, we followed that routine every day and it has now turned a habit for most of us. A big THANKS to my School for sowing the seeds of the powerful Yoga routine in our lifestyle.

But, you may ask – Why Sun Salutation?

We all know that – SUN is the ultimate source of life on earth. One can blindly accept that No lifeforms can exist without the Sun. Hence, Yogis those days started their day with Sun Salutation to grace the Sun God.

In the same aspect, we students also started the day by honoring Lord Surya through Sun Salutation.

Here is everything about this basic yet highly beneficial yoga routine in its complete detail to help you practice it perfectly.

Sun Salutation falls under Pranayama Yoga.

Prayanama Yoga refers to the yoga techniques of controlling the breath.

Hence, like all other Pranayama Yoga sequences, Sun Salutation must also be done silently and at the same time very slowly.

When you perform 12 sets of the 12 Poses of Sun Salutation as the Sun god rises in the morning and let the sun rays fall on you, you get good physical and mental health benefits. Let me go deep into the health benefits of Sun Salutation later in this article.

We shall now start with how to prepare for Sun Salutation.

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