Wayyyyy back in 2010, when I got serious about my yoga practice, I was reaching out to many different yoga teachers asking the best way to start a yoga practice… the consensus was to start with Sun Salutation A.

Let’s just say that I was less than impressed and completely let down.

I wanted to be able to do all these bendy poses and flip into a forearm stand and all that jazz! I wanted to be like the cool kids you saw on Instagram doing these amazing poses.

What I didn’t understand is that to get there I needed a lot of strength, flexibility, and control of my body.

For instance, I tried to do a headstand our by the lake I ran around and nearly toppled over INTO the lake…

Now, that might not have been a huge problem overall, except I was in Iraq and there were stories about the lake being filled with bodies at one point ?. I think I’ll just pass on that.

You Have To Start Your Yoga Practice Somewhere

Needless to say, I followed what the teachers said and started with Sun Salutation A every morning after my run.

The first few times I was actually sore after doing 5-10 rounds of this sequence. It used a lot of arm and shoulder strength that I didn’t think it would. Especially because I was lifting weights in the evening and assumed that my upper body strength had been growing.

Boy did I figure out I was wrong there.

We all have to start somewhere right?

Like my teachers told me, I’m going to suggest starting with Sun Salutation A if you’re just starting a yoga practice.


Getting started with this sequence isn’t bad honestly. Here’s a video if you want to see it performed quickly.

This sequence has all the foundational poses that you would do in any yoga class.

It would either be performed as a whole to warm up your body or the poses would be used as transition poses between other poses you’re doing in the class.


To start, come to the front of your mat with your big toes touching. Lift your toes off the ground and feel all four corners of your feet press into the ground.

Engage your leg muscles as you begin to slow your breathing and center your mind creating an intention for your practice.

Arms should be at your side and shoulders drawing away from your ears. Keeping your gaze soft and forward.

Remain here for 5 breaths.


On an inhale in Mountain Pose slowly raise your arms up over your head and arch back as you look towards your fingers.

Note: You do NOT need to arch as far back as the woman in the photo, but sometimes it does feel great to reach back a little farther.

Engage your core as you draw your belly towards your spine and keep your legs engaged.

Only remain for your inhale.

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