The Quintessential Question – Does Yoga Help With Weight Loss?

Why do I call this a quintessential question? Well, in a huge majority of the cases where people are looking for an exercise or workout regime, the main reason behind it is Weight Loss. Yes, that’s absolutely true.

Although it does seem a bit ironic that most person will consider themselves “reasonably fit” if they are not hugely overweight, but statistically it has been seen that the primary reason behind  a workout routine is well, you guessed it, shading those extra flab around the waist 🙂

And Yoga is no different. Although a very comprehensive list of various awesome health benefits of Yoga can be compiled quite easily, but it does seem it’s effectiveness in losing weight ultimately helps decide its worthiness to many prospective beginner Yogis.

The plain and simple answer to this question is – Yes, Yoga will most definitely help you lose weight, but that being said, few points need to be kept in mind always.

1. There is no weight loss if you are not maintaining a caloric deficit.

To lose weight you need to take less calorie than you are spending. Always. Period.

So ask yourself first – Am I caloric deficit?

What is the answer that you are getting from within? A Yes? Great.

Then you have nothing to worry. Yoga is definitely going to help you lose weight and not only that, it will also help you to lead a holistically healthy and stress free life.

2. Yoga is not something which can help you with fast weight loss.

Since the Yoga poses can no way be compared to be rigorous calorie burning exercises like cardio and resistance training. So please understand that the weight loss that you will see will be slow but consistent, provided the routine is followed diligently.

So if you are looking for some fast results then it is better to either adjust your expectations or change your choice of workout.

3. Yoga will help you attain not only a healthy body but also a healthy mind.

Yoga is all about holistic well being of an individual. Not only it has profound physical effects, but from very old and prehistoric ages it has always been used to gain deep spiritual insights.

So please do not limit yourself in the thought that the only way to attain a truly “fulfilling” life is to attain a slim body. A peaceful, stress free and balanced mind is also an equally important requirement in today’s fast paced and competitive world where your tenacity and perseverance is tested every single day.

All these being said, I still think that Yoga is by far one of the best choice of exercise for long term and consistent result given the fact that it is flexible in nature and it is equally possible from total beginners to seasoned experts to gain immense health benefits from it.

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