In an effort to save money on a gym membership, I’ve been working out from home for over 5 years now. It’s much easier than you may think to have an effective at-home workout thanks to a few resources I always use.

I’ve found that I can be more fit working out from home than when I was going to a gym for a year.

Of course, you can still become extremely fit using a gym. My point is, you don’t HAVE to use a gym to get results. What matters is that you are able to achieve an effective workout from home and over time, see results. Here’s how I make sure I accomplish just that.

6 Go-To Resources for an Effective At-Home Workout

1. Your Body

Don’t underestimate the power of a solid bodyweight workout. After several sets of pushups, pike pushups, tricep pushups, burpees, jump squats, commandos, and planks, your body will feel the burn. I enjoy doing bodyweight workouts all the time and almost always wake up the next morning feeling sore all over.

The key is to switch up moves that will work different muscle groups and keep your heart rate up as you push yourself.

Compound moves, where you work multiple muscles groups at a time, are my favorite because they work the most amount of muscle in the least amount of time. For example, a squat clean and press would be a compound move because it works your leg, arm, and shoulder muscles.

2. Dumbbells (at least 2 weight variances)

I have 3 sets of dumbbells that I use for my workouts.

I use my 5 pound dumbbells for kickboxing workouts when I want to have lighter weights in my hands as I complete the moves or for strength exercises that are more challenging and use small muscle groups.

I use my 10 pound dumbbells for basically everything that is upper body related.

And I use my 30 pound dumbbells for lower body strength workouts since my legs are my strongest muscles and can handle a lot more weight than my upper body.

3. Kettlebell

I love doing kettlebell workouts that use just 1 kettlebell for the whole workout. It keeps things so easy and the added weight will definitely keep your heart rate up throughout the entire workout. It’s also nice having one weight that is easily transportable as I’ve been known to take my kettlebell with me on vacation for workouts in my hotel room or wherever I’m staying.

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