14 Daily Habits That Will Make You Happier and Healthier

Whenever we meet a woman who’s made health a priority in her life, there’s something besides her fit figure that strikes us: her mind-set. Being healthy is about a lot more than eating right and showing up at the gym, so we tapped a few “fitspirational” women to learn how these active entrepreneurs make well-being and happiness priorities in their lives. These are the habits, mantras, and mind-sets that motivate these inspiring women to lead a balanced lifestyle.


Looking at Lindsay Calla’s inspirational site, Calla in Motion, it’s hard to believe it was created as a result of personal tragedy. The elite athlete was working toward her dream of playing in the Division 1 lacrosse program when she injured her knee on the field with an ACL tear. Calla turned to yoga and noticed a significant change in her body and anxiety levels. Spurred on by her experience, she started her website, a fitness, well-being, and travel destination that chronicles her healthy lifestyle.

Be Unique; Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

“This is one of my favorite quotes: ‘Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you, when you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence.’ I find this really helpful when I get sucked into the Instagram bubble of comparison and perfection. Being unique, and yourself, radiates better energy than chasing someone else’s.”

Failure and Success Are Actually Very Similar

“[Failure and success] are both polarizing and take you far away from the center of yourself. True balance only exists in the center, and both success and failure take you equally as far from that balance as possible. So regardless of if you’ve failed or succeeded, there needs to be a moment to reflect back into your center and what grounds you, ignites a fire, and keeps you on the right path. There’s an awesome TED Talk on this by Elizabeth Gilbert. I watch it every time I need a reminder. For me, the return to center usually involves getting back to nature, especially the ocean, to boost positive, creative vibes.”

Create Your Own Goals

“I like to set goals that aren’t driven by chasing success, but rather to be better than I was before, or pushing my personal boundaries. If you create something of value either to yourself or someone else, success inevitably finds you.”

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