Are you struggling to lose weight fast?

You have been trying all kinds of things and don’t know what to do anymore.

You are just way too busy to visit the gym 4 times a week in the evenings.

I know how you feel and you are not completely alone in this journey.

While you can’t do much about working out, you can pay close attention to what you eat on a daily basis.

I will share with you what kind of foods you should eat more and WHAT foods you should totally avoid the next time.

Are you ready to improve and change for the better? If so, continue with me! If not, just leave my blog, please.

Your Metabolism

Metabolism is just another term in simple words on how your body works and is processing food.

Is it burning a lot of energy from the foods consumed?

Or in other words, it has a high metabolic rate and burns lots of energy so there is not a lot of fat stored in the body.

Or do you have a low metabolic rate?

This would be that your body does not burn a lot of energy from the food you eat and leaves you storing lots of fat, which leads to weight gain.

A low metabolism depends on a variety of factors, think of:

  • getting older
  • no physical activity
  • eating the wrong foods

You really can’t do much about getting older, but you can certainly do something about the foods you are eating.

Eating “bad” foods only stimulate weight gain.

This is a bad habit.

Ultimately what we want is that you are burning fat passively, while you sit, while you read and so on.

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